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Best Practices

Location Best PracticesDisplaying Our Products

Primary Location: A Feature Wall

Within every space is a location that leverages natural focal points, allowing visitors to see things clearly, interact with the products, and embrace the brand without interruption.

With that in mind, a feature wall is an ideal location for the wall display. It takes advantage of clear sightlines from the entrance and within the room, so guests can step back and view your entire product presentation--not to mention giving associates easy access.

Secondary Location: A Perimeter Wall

If a feature wall is unavailable, you can locate the display on a perimeter wall with clear visibility from the main aisle or main traffic flow. Avoid placing it behind taller displays, around corners, or away from the main traffic flow.

Product as Hero, Always

It’s important to provide enough "white space" around the product. Not only does open staging raise the perceived value of the product, it makes the display easier to view.

Product Layout

Recommended product layouts are designed to transition the customer seamlessly from one option to the next, while product functions are grouped for easy comparison. Product mounts should be far enough apart to avoid handles touching one another.

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