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Recommended Product Layout

Product LayoutsLogo Placement

Single Branded Walls

The left side should feature bathroom products, while the right side should feature kitchen products. Within the bathroom area, the top half should display tub/shower products, while the bottom half should display lav faucets.


Co-Branded Walls

Brands should be organized in vertical columns. The brand order from left to right? Brizo, Delta, Peerless.
Product categories should be organized in horizontal rows. The product order from top to bottom? Tub/shower, Lav faucets, Kitchen faucets.


Logo Placement for Single Brand Walls

On wall dispays 8 feet wide or less, the logo should be placed in the center of the slatwall.

On wall dispays 12 feet wide or more, the logo should be placed in the top left corner of the slatwall.

For Standard & Enhanced solutions only.

Logo Placement for Co-branded Walls

The brand logo should be placed at the top of the slatwall, left aligned with the brand's product section.

For Standard & Enhanced solutions only.

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